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Real Madrid Resort Island


Cloudy Waters – Ann Arbor

Radioshack Nissan Trek 2012

Zen Dogen Sangha

Sour – Nicola Testa


Poster “Allographe”

The Cowboys Days

Poster “Bal des sciences”

Poster “24h”

Poster “Bal des busés” 2012

Poster “Bal des busés” 2011

Poster “Bal des bleus”

C’est produit près de chez vous


Graphic & Motion Designer

I invest myself in each project, providing high availability and constant dialogue with the desire to achieve a convincing, aesthetic and effective result.


I can work remotely or join your team for in-house projects : Compositing, Motion Graphics & Animations, post-production, …

Print, Web, Motion

Through cross skills, acquired during my formation and several years of experiences and various projects, I can develop your image consistently across multiple mediums.

  • Minale Design Strategy
  • Dragone
  • European Commission
  • Radioshack Nissan Trek
  • Real Madrid Resort Island
  • Katch'a
  • Everlasting Prod
  • Crelan
  • Fédération des télés locales